Steamed Honey Pudding - Adapted from Paul Hollywood's Pies & Puds.
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  • Paul Hollywood's Honey Pudding

    By Gustare Raw Honey 26 September 2017
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    This recipe has been adapted from Paul Hollywood's Pies & Puds cookbook, created by Paul Hollywood himself. 'Pies & Puds' is available to purchase on Amazon.

    Preparation time: 30 mins

    Cooking time: 1-2 hours


    100g unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing

    130g Honey (we used Gustare's Strong Apple Tree Eucalyptus Honey)

    100g caster sugar

    3 medium eggs

    110g self-raising flour

    1tsp baking powder


    A 1-litre pudding basin


    1. Butter your pudding basin. Put 2 tbsp of your preferred Gustare Honey into the prepared basin (if you're using Gustare’s Strong Apple Tree or Rich Stringy Bark then the honey will be quite thick, so you will need to warm it gently first to make it more liquid)
    2. Put the remaining honey and all the other ingredients into a large mixing bowl and beat together using an electric whisk. Start off slowly, then increase the speed and mix for 2 minutes until all the ingredients are well combined.
    3. Pour your mixture into the pudding basin, on top of the honey
    4. Now to prepare your pudding for steaming, it’s at this point where it can get a little complicated, but don't worry! If you’re still confused after reading the following instructions, simply type into your search engine: 'How to wrap a pudding for steaming' – there are lots of online tutorials to help you if you need it.
      • Firstly, place a piece of baking paper on top of a sheet of foil and make a large pleat in the middle, folding both sheets together (this allows for the pudding’s expansion as it cooks).
      • Put the parchment and foil on top of the pudding, foil side up, and secure with string – wrap the string around the outside of the basin a couple of times and then loop the end of the string over the top of the pudding and tie to form a handle. This will enable you to lift the pudding in and out of the pan more easily.
      • Once secured, cut away the excess baking paper/foil.
    5. Place your pudding basin in a large pan, and pour in enough boiling water to come halfway up the side of the basin. Put a lid on the pan and bring to a simmer.
    6. Once simmering, lower the heat to maintain a simmer but prevent from boiling over and let the pudding steam for 1 hour 15 minutes until risen and springy to the touch. You can top up the boiling water during this time if necessary so the pan doesn’t boil dry.
    7. Carefully lift the pudding basin from the pan, remove the foil and parchment and run the tip of a small, sharp knife around the edge of the pudding to help release it. Turn onto a warmed large plate and serve piping hot, with custard or cream."
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