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  • Introducing Gustare’s Australian Manuka Jelly Bush honey

    By Gustare Raw Honey 20 April 2017
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    We're very excited about introducing our Australian Manuka Jelly Bush Honey to the international market next month. We're sure that consumers who already love our raw eucalyptus honey will enjoy the sweet taste as well as the health and well-being benefits of this important new addition to our range. You can learn more about this amazing product here.

    Gustare's Manuka Jelly Bush Honey has a rich, delicious sweet taste, different from the medicinal taste present in other Manuka honey. Our Manuka can be used as a tasty spread, an accompaniment to recipes or a sweet addition to beverages.

    Our Manuka Jelly Bush is affordable when compared to other Manukas on the market, appealing to customers who are either new to Manuka or those seeking a tastier variety while maintaining quality health and well-being benefits.

    Some of the proven health benefits of Manuka honey are the capacity to stimulate healing of wounds, fight bacteria related to store throats, and improving immunity. There is also evidence that medical grade Manuka honey can augment the impact of antibiotics and mitigate growing human resistance to antibiotics.

    You may have heard that Manuka Honey is unique to New Zealand... not so! New Zealand Manuka honey is harvested from the nectar of leptospermum scoparium, a member of the leptospermum genus. This particular species is native to New Zealand and south-eastern Australia. Australia is home to over 80 species in the leptospermum genus, many of which are active and can produce medical grade honey. The active honey industry in Australia is still in its infancy, but it has incredible potential to fulfil the growing international demand for medicinal honey.

    Some Australian Manuka honeys currently on the market are harvested from the nectar of leptospermum scoparium (as in New Zealand) and some (such as Gustare's Manuka Jelly Bush Honey) from the nectar of Leptospermum polygalifolium species (popularly known as Jelly Bush), native to the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland.

    Recent scientific research by the Oz Honey Project has proven that that the anti-bacterial activity level (measured as NPA and MGO) in Australian Manuka honey, including that harvested from the Jelly Bush plant, is as powerful as in the better known New Zealand Manuka honey and shares the same health and well-being qualities as the New Zealand varieties.

    When you buy Manuka honey from either New Zealand or Australia, look for evidence that the producer has had their product tested for activity levels and has reflected the results of those tests on their label. We publish the laboratory test results on our honey on our website, and the NPA and MGO ratings are prominent on our labels.

    Laboratory tests have proved that our first Manuka Jelly Bush Honey product has an NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity rating of 5.1) and MGO (methylglyoxal) rating of 86. This means it can be used to support general good health. We are planning on introducing higher grade Australian Manuka honey to the market in future. Read more about what these ratings mean here.

    Gustare is proud to be a part of a vital emerging industry in Australia, and we look forward to supplying our sweet tasting active honey to you.

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