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    By Gustare Raw Honey 19 May 2016
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    Michelin starred chefs, Alyn Williams and Sasu Laukkonen, select their favourite variety of Gustare Honey.

    Once upon a time having honey at home was all about a squeezy bottle, stuffed at the back of the cupboard. Fast forward to 2016 and the natural sweetener is finally getting the attention it deserves thanks to high quality honey producers like Gustare.

    Created by Paul Costa (who has been producing honey in Australia for over 20 years) and Jason Hayward-Jones (a farming and rural food expert), Gustare Honey offers a range of mono-floral premium raw honey produced by artisan beekeepers from Australia’s pristine natural wilderness. Their bees are never exposed to chemicals or antibiotics, increasing their natural resistance and health, to provide a tastier, purer honey. Each variety is produced seasonally in its own provenance and distinctive terroir, resulting in a truly unique product.

    There are currently four flavours to choose from and as Jason Hayward-Jones explained at a recent tasting with esteemed chefs Sasu Laukkonen and Alyn Williams at The Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, each flavour has a "different floral character".

    Hayward-Jones was also at pains to point out that each type of honey has a unique appearance and, as such, can be “as light as a white wine colour or as dark as a pint of Guinness”.

    We were curious as to which flavour packed a punch for Sasu Laukkonen - the Michelin-starred chef who has revolutionised Finnish food, and Alyn Williams (who has been wowing diners at his own restaurant (Alyn Williams at the Westbury, since 2011).

    In the salubrious surroundings of The Westbury, which was opened in 1955 by the Polo playing Phipps family, the Michelin starred duo had a great time tasting the four flavours before declaring the Grey Iron Bark to be their own personal favourite.

    Harvested from the Eucalyptus Paniculata tree found mostly in eastern New South Wales, the Grey Iron Bark has, according to Alyn, an almost "woody, barky flavour" with, observed Sasu, "a slight nutty and toffee aftertaste".

    Both chefs agreed that the Grey Iron Bark would be perfect paired with either Blue or Goats cheese. Jason Hayward Jones had a further suggestion, revealing that Neil Perry - aka one of Australia's leading and most influential chefs - paints a little of Gustare's Grey Iron Bark Honey onto either side of his steaks. And that's not all because both chefs agreed that Grey Iron Bark and rum would create a perfect cocktail.

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