LUCY Dispenser – An Elegant Breakfast Innovation

LUCY bring you their new and innovative dispenser for honey, jams and Hazelnut cream. Gustare have chosen this simple to use and adaptable cartridge option to drastically reduce time and waste compared with conventional packaging options, and bring an elegance to the market.

Why Choose the LUCY dispenser?

Minimises waste at the buffet and table

Compared to single mono portions, the Lucy Dispenser has negligible wastage, eliminating staff time in setting out buffets, clearing tables, removing waste packaging, separating packaging from table food scraps for waste disposal and returning untouched mono portions from buffets back to the commissary.

Saves up to 60% in costs over other honey and jam serving options

The Lucy Dispenser delivers a precise and direct dose portion from a fixed location that eliminates portion losses and guest over indulgence ensuring less wastage. The Lucy Dispenser is a sturdy, straightforward and elegant machine whose durable build gives many years of maintenance free service while still looking as new. The Lucy Dispenser capital purchase write off cost can be paid out in less than three years and, even when factored into the daily breakfast cost, it still shows a saving of up to 60% against the mono portion daily cost.

Hygienic dispensing action and cartridge reloading

The Lucy Dispenser is quick and easy to clean. All parts are washable, and the used PET bottle cartridges are recyclable and are crushable for compaction. The Lucy Dispenser portion delivery, sealed bottles and the “cartridge” reloading method meet all known hygiene regulations.

Guaranteed supply of premium quality Australian raw honey from Gustare Honey and Italian fruit jams from Apicoltura Casentinese

In Gustare Honey’s collaboration with Apicoltura Casentinese s.r.l., the supplier of the Lucy Dispenser, the continuity of manufacture from its fabricators is long established. Each company, one in Italy and one in Australia, has its premium quality honey and condiment production, allowing for product exchange and supply back-up if required.

Ease of use for both customers and staff

The use of the Lucy Dispenser by the public is both foolproof and ergonomic. Far easier than the struggling to open a lid or peel back the film cover on a mono portion. Staff cleaning and re-loading of the Lucy Dispenser is simplicity itself and takes but a few moments. Staff training, on all aspects, is conveniently shown in a “watch and learn” training video that does not require spoken commentary or manual.

About the LUCY dispenser

The dispenser is an innovative and elegant dispenser for honey and jams suitable for any accommodation including hotels, cruise ships, airline lounges, events and holiday villages.

The unique dispenser is the new way to enjoy breakfast, being very simple to use. In fact, with just one movement you can fill croissants, spread honey and jams directly on pastries, toast, baked products and on yoghurts.

The dispenser assures an improved freshness and fragrance that is certain to enhance your breakfast experience.

The LUCY Premium Dispenser offers a selection of delicious products including jams, honey and a hazelnut cream, each cultivated, harvested and packed with respect for nature and the environment. For added peace of mind, the LUCY Premium Dispenser condiment cartridge is recyclable.

How to use and clean the LUCY Dispenser


Download the LUCY Flyer for specifications



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