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The March edition of the very popular Devonshire magazine ‘Devon Life’ saw our co-founder, Devon local Jason Hayward-Jones, discuss all things honey with Food and Drink Editor Catherine Courtenay. We were delighted to have this opportunity to promote our delicious raw Australian honey and to spread some light on Gustare’s origins.

Jason grew up in South Devon. After some 25 years living abroad, he is pleased to be back home in Devon with his Australian family. As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s a rare occurrence for Brits who emigrate to the sunny climes of Australia to come back home to the English countryside. The lure of Australia’s sunshine and outdoorsy lifestyle is too strong for most of them. The arrival of Jason and his family in the South Hams village of Stoke Gabriel created something of a stir, with locals surprised that the family of four would re-locate from the sparkling city of Sydney to serene South Devon.

Gustare delicious raw premium honey from Australia - honey dipper above jars - Devon Life

In this edition of Devon Life, Jason explains that his enthusiasm for telling the world about high quality Australian raw honey inspired him to establish Gustare Honey with his colleague, beekeeper Paul Costa from northern New South Wales. The magazine’s Catherine Courtenay says Jason “has fallen under the spell of the Aussie bees and the trees from which they make their honey” and has headed back to the UK to help spread this passion overseas.

Jason, who has long been interested in sustaining the world’s bee population, tells Devon Life of the amazing skills of Australian beekeepers who move their hives to different forests throughout the year. He says they spend days out in the bush monitoring flowering times and honey collected by their bees and checking all their hives by hand every day; describing their intensive work as “a labour of love.”

Gustare delicious raw premium honey from Australia - honey jars from above - Devon Life

Australians are used to eating delicious raw honey, mostly derived from a variety of species of the abundant eucalyptus tree, but such tasty honey is not so easy to come by in the UK. Jason thinks it is unfortunate that shoppers in the UK have historically only had a limited choice of honey available to them in supermarkets – most of which are blends of European and non-European honey and lack any distinctive flavour. He hopes to introduce more UK shoppers to the delights of Gustare’s premium, raw eucalyptus honey. He is particularly excited to bring a new sweet-tasting Australian Manuka honey, also presented in this edition of Devon Life, to the international market.

Gustare delicious raw premium honey from Australia - Honey Gift Box - Devon Life

The stunning photos of our honey featured in this Devon Life article were taken by South-West based photographer Matt Austin.

Gustare delicious raw premium honey from Australia - honey dipper - Devon Life

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Gustare delicious raw premium honey from Australia - Honey on Toast - Devon Life